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1012 Andrew Johnson Hwy.
P.O. Box 520
Strawberry Plains, Tennessee  37871
Holston Home School Co-Op

We are excited to announce the Holston Academy of Learning starting in Fall 2018!
2018-2019 School year will begin with Homeschool Co-op.  Classes will be held Wednesdays starting September 12, 2018 from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

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Descriptions of Classes
Economics- “ECONOMICS in our Times” by Roger A. Arnold will be used for this course. The students will gain an understanding of the basics of macroeconomics and microeconomics, it gives students a clear idea of how economists think about the world, stresses the key concepts in economics, and relates economics to our everyday life.
Literature- “The Language of Literature” British Literature will be used in this classroom. The students will dive into British literature
Pre-Algebra- In this class the students will review the natural number arithmetic. Learn about integers, fractions, decimals, and negative numbers. They will learn the factorization of natural numbers, learn the rules of evaluation of expressions, such as operator precedence and use of parentheses. They will also learn simple (integer) roots and powers along with much more. This class needs to be taken BEFORE Algebra 1.
Biology- In the course the students will learn about cells, the organism and its relationship to the environment, human growth and development, ecology, and genetics.
Elementary English- Will be a hands-on learning environment that is centered around what interest are present in the classroom. The students will learn vocabulary relating them to picture cards for a deeper understanding. Skits or role play will be used to introduce English to the class, games will be used to introduce concepts and things learned. The students will be introduced to the importance of writing and given weekly time to write on certain topics that we’re chosen often by them (class). Often the students will be given the opportunity to act out their stories if relative. They will learn how to write geared to an audience and be taught the features of proficient writing.
Hands on Math- Well, the name says it all. In this class the students will learn through manipulatives mathematical concepts. This class is a hands-on class that the students will be working together to learn and gain a better understanding on multiple concepts.
States and Capitals- In the class the students will learn the fifty states, there capitals and state symbol.
Saxon Math 5/4- Introduces new concepts your child will need for upper-level algebra and geometry. This class will cover a review of four basic math functions, estimating, 2- and 3-digit computation, decimals, fractions, rudimentary geometry and word problems.
Saxon Math 7/6-introduces new concepts your child will need for upper-level algebra and geometry. This class will cover decimals, fractions, number lines, measurement, area, perimeter, volume, place value, solid figures, percent, ratio, unit conversion, probability, angles, coordinates.
World Literature- In this class the students will be introduced to literary works from different countries. The students will gain a better understanding and appreciation of literature from other cultures. They will also be able to identify and define literary elements, genres, and artistic movements. This class will be a fair amount of reading and open discussion learning about the world around us from each cultures perspective.
Algebra 1- In this course the students will learn expressions, systems of equations, functions, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, radical and rational expressions. This class is taken BEFORE Algebra 2, but after Pre-Algebra.
Sign Language- During this semester the students will learn the basics in Sign Language. The alphabet will be the starting point and we will move into building sentences. Learning how to communicate without using words only by signing. 
Elementary Science- In this class the students will learn by being asked a simple question, complete an investigation, answer the question, and present the results to their classmates. Unlike many science classrooms we see today the children will learn through investigation and from collaboratively working with their classmates. Topics include Leaf Skeleton, Flower Dissection, How to Build a Wormery, and going on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. 
US Presidents- In this class the students will learn about the U.S. presidents and the importance of each.
Creative Writing/ Short Stories- This class the students will create short stories. Learning new and fresh ways to write to gain the attention of an audience. This will be a class that the topics are chosen by the interest of the students. Work will be done in class and shared if the student is willing.
Letters and Numbers- In this class the students will learn the alphabet both lower and upper case. We will also learn about numbers and how they relate to objects. This class is a great class to introduce and enrich the fundamentals to the basic for our youngsters.
Chemistry- Throughout this course the students will learn the intro to acids and bases. The mole concept, reaction rates and chemical energy.
Algebra 2- In this class the students will learn linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic expressions, sequences and series, probability and trigonometry. This class must be taken after Algebra 1 has been completed.
Fun on the Farm- In this class the students will learn about life in the farm. What animals are found on the farm, what are their purpose? We will learn what the animals are and how they serve a purpose in our world today. We will have animal encounters (from farms) as we learn about each animal. This will be a fun, interactive class for our youngsters.
Forensic Science- In this class the students will learn the basics to Forensic Science and Human Body
Grammar Matters- In this class the students will learn the importance of grammar. The students will learn the rules of grammar and be able to gain a full understanding of the proper use of grammar. Students will learn grammar from games and hands-on activities too. Many online interactive games can help children practice grammar skills and some of these safe interactive games may be used throughout the semester.
Physics- Throughout this course the students will learn about the concept of time, space and matter, motion and forces, optics and light, electricity and magnetism and atomic physics.
Diverse Cultures- This class will dig deep into diverse cultures and learn about how they live, what they eat, what are the norms of that particular culture and compare them to our culture.
Physical/Earth Science- This class is broken into two sections, both physical and earth science will be taught in this class. During the earth section of this class the students will learn about the geology, weather, astronomy, and life processes. During the Physical portion of this class the students will learn about kinetics, mechanics, optics, electricity, and magnetism.
Book Study- In this class the students will be reading “Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust”  by Doreen Rappaport. This book Doreen Rappaport gives us the real-life stories of Jews who fought back against Nazi Persecution. This class will have a significant amount of reading and classroom discussions. This class, could count towards a history credit (if needed) as it will focus on a part of history.
Geometry- During this class the students will learn about points, lines, planes and angles, proofs, perpendicular and parallel, triangles, similarities and more.
Animals Everywhere- The students will learn about an animal each week, where they live, what they eat, and the sound they make. Each week will have a coloring sheet with facts learned about each animal. Songs will be learned, and hands-on activities will be the focus.
Spelling- This class will focus on spelling and vocabulary of age appropriate words. The students will learn the importance of the words, learn the definition and the proper spelling of the word. There will be “word challenges” to ensure the students are learning to spell the word correctly weekly. 
Cursive Handwriting- This class the students will learn how to write in cursive, a classic that is being deleted in our current public schools. We will start with the basics and learn to spell our names. Then we will move onto the alphabet. We will then start to form words, and even sentences hopefully by the end of the semester. This classroom will only write in cursive, no print will be permitted.
Home Education- This class is at it’s finest, who remembers the good Ole’ Home Education classes we took in high school? This class, will very similar we will get back to the basics. We will learn to cook and bake FROM SCRATCH. We will prepare meals for everyone to enjoy twice during the semester. Things the students can look forward to are cookies, bread, cake, pies ALL from scratch, just like grandma used to make
Study Skills- In this class the students will learn study skills that will last them a life time and equip them for future success. Some discussions will include how to “monotask”, how they study best, how to use metacognition, how to prioritize, how to play to their strengths, how to read—and maybe even write—for pleasure. This is a GREAT effective class for students!
Let’s Dissect- This class will be a hand-on class to learn about the anatomy of animals such as a meal worm, a grasshopper, and a frog. They will learn about each animal and dissect the following week. This is a class for those learners that are more hands-on and like to know the anatomy of insects, and amphibians.
Choir- In Choir the students will learn to read sheet music and sing in harmony. In this class the students will have multiple performance opportunities.
Bible History- In bible history the students will dig deep into the bible and learn based on scripture. This class will be led by two pastoral staff members here at the church, parents are welcome to stay and join in on the class. “Digging deeper into the word”
ACT Prep- This class will focus on ACT preparation. This class will gear instruction to the needs of each student allowing them to focus on where they are struggling or help boost the score in non-struggling areas. This class will include a practice ACT exam, strategies to take the test and receive the score you want, confidence levels, and test strategies. This class will use some on-line resources that we have available to assist in equipping each child to be successful during the test.
Art Classes- The students will learn different art techniques according to there grade and ability. Students will create projects, paint, and build from scratch to form art creations. Projects could get messy, please ensure your child does not wear “new” clothes to school on Wednesdays, we would hate for parents to be upset because they had so much fun creating that they ruined their clothes. At the end of the semester, there will be an art show for families and friends to enjoy (not required to attend, but we would love to “show off” your students talent). 
Phonics- In this class the students will learn about constant and vowels, letter combinations, blending, prefixes and suffixes and so much more. We will start from the basics and work our way up to mastery, so they have a solid foundation early on in phonics. Have a child in elementary with dyslexia? this class is for them!
Drama Class- This class will be for all the actors out there. This class will learn and put on a play at the end of the semester for friends and family to enjoy. They will put on a full program as part of this class. The only practice times for this class will be the time they have in class on Wednesdays. The performance will be during and outside of class time. 

As God leads, our vision is to expand our academy to a 5 day a week program in the upcoming years. More information to come. Stay tuned